Create a Community Priorities Budget

Create a Community Priorities Budget

MR’s approach to budgeting provides an affordable and effective process for developing a budget that aligns to community priorities.  The Community Priorities Budget is designed for governments that do not have strategic plans. 

Are you facing:

  • Budget decisions without knowing the community’s priorities?
  • A lack of community understanding of the budget and budget process?
  • Across the board cuts – again?
  • Budget presentations without performance information?

This approach provides for robust citizen input into both the community Priorities used to frame your budget decisions and the budget changes – both increases and reductions – that help preserve and advance those Priorities.  With this process, the hidden decision-making that is typical of much of government budgeting is stripped away, increasing the credibility of the final decisions and decreasing the negative response from the public.

MR’s approach is highly flexible, allowing jurisdictions to make adjustments as needed to reflect their timetables, community expectations, resources, and challenges. 

To find out more about how MR can help you create a Community Priorities Budget, e-mail us at or call us at 865-567-5192.