As a leader and a manager, you depend on employees and contractors to deliver services and achieve results.  How is your employee performance management system working for you?  Are your contractors delivering results – or something less?  Do your employees have the capacity to use information to manage and tell their story of challenges and achievements?

Employee performance and contractor performance management systems are keys to achieving results – they should help get results, not get in the way.  Managing Results (MR) has developed best in class approaches to manage these two key service delivery systems.  Training managers on how to use performance information is the best way to ensure they will in fact use it.

Automate Employee Performance Planning, Management and Evaluation

Train Our Managers to Manage Using Performance Information

Focus Our Organization on Using Performance Information to Manage

Report Performance Information to the Public for Accountability & Transparency


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“The hardest thing, and the most important thing, for government is to focus on results that matter and stay focused on those results.”

David Manning
Former Finance Director to Mayor Purcell
Metro Nashville – Davidson Co., TN