Automate Employee Performance Planning, Management and Evaluation

Automate Employee Performance Planning, Management and Evaluation

Employee performance planning, management and evaluation processes are a lot like cafeteria food – everybody has to eat it at some point, but nobody likes it very much. MR has brought the very best practices in employee management together in an automated, web-based system, MFR People, that makes easy work of employee performance planning, management and evaluation.

Are you facing:

  • An antiquated paper-based process that nearly everyone hates?
  • A process that has become rote and compliance driven?
  • Inconsistent approaches and use of ratings?
  • Ratings creep?
  • Evaluation results that don’t match operational results?

MFR People™ automates the linkage between employee performance and operational performance.  And when you use MFR Live™ and MFR People™ as a performance suite, program or activity performance measures are pulled directly from the MFR Live™ system into MFR People™ so that every employee knows how their individual contribution impacts and influences the success of the organization. MFR People™ is designed to integrate with other performance data systems as well.

MFR People™ Highlights:

  • LaunchPad – Managers and Administrators sign on and access a menu that asks the question – “What do I want to today?”  The LaunchPad then immediately takes you to the place in the system where you can plan, manage and evaluate individual employees, saving time and avoiding user frustrations.
  • Individual DashboardsMFR People™ creates an individual employee dashboard as part of the individual performance plan and evaluation. Individual dashboards link directly to operational performance measures and tracks individual contributions to operational measures. The functionality of the MFR Live™ dashboard system directly supports the individual dashboards in MFR People™, providing outstanding graphic functionality and easy to use data entry.
  • Managerial Dashboards – Every Manager within the system has access to a managerial dashboard where he or she has an organized view of their assigned employees and their individual performance plan.
  • Turn-on Turn-off FunctionalityMFR People™ runs extremely easy-to-use software that includes robust turn-on turn-off functionality for business measures, individual measures, work place competencies, performance milestones with dates management, professional development, performance journal/blog, next level reviews, signatures, process and to-do-list tracking.

MR also provides additional ongoing operational support to governments as they transition to MFR People™. These services include:

  • Training your employees, either on-site or remotely, to help lead this implementation;
  • Helping you develop new policies, procedures and instructions; and
  • Providing reference materials including presentations and training materials.

Find out more about MFR People™ by clicking here or call 865-567-5192 for an online demonstration.