Measuring performance has never been a higher priority for governments at all levels. Managers need information to make good operational decisions, improve service delivery and customer experience. Elected officials want to be able to make well-informed budget and policy decisions and tell voters and taxpayers what they are getting for their money in terms of results. And all government leaders, whether elected or appointed, need information to express the value proposition that taxpayers experience for their money.

Managing Results (MR) has worked with literally thousands of activity and program managers at the local, state and federal levels to help them create performance measures that provide the information they need and that drives performance. From your local Police and Fire Departments to the U.S. Marines and U.S. Department of Agriculture, MR knows how to help you develop and use performance measures that drive better results for your customers.


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“The US Marine Performance Measures Work Group developed an aggregate measure that links fiscal resources to readiness—a first for the USMC. We could not have found a better consultant for this time-sensitive, critical task.”

Charles E. Cook III
Director, Fiscal Division Headquarters
U.S. Marine Corps