Access Best Practice Performance Measures

Access Best Practice Performance Measures

 Are you facing an urgent need for strong, proven performance measures you can put to work immediately in your organization? Or are you looking for a consistent approach to measuring performance across your organization that will provide a focus on the results you provide your customers?

Having worked with thousands of programs in just about every facet of government, MR has built a significant knowledge base of clear, customer-focused, effective measures of performance. Drawing on this experience, we can provide you with a set of “best practice” performance measures for your program(s) that you can put to work immediately. These measures represent the best of the work of government leaders across the nation to get clear about the results they deliver for customers. These measures go beyond just counting widgets – they assess the impact you’re having on your customers through the services you provide.

These performance measures can allow you to quickly implement a consistent, powerful framework for measuring and managing performance that has been proven by other government leaders. These measures include the definitions for how the measures are calculated so you can be assured the performance data you get is consistent and reliable.

MR is also pleased to be able to offer the best practice measures, including the definitions and documentation for how they are to be calculated, already embedded in a powerful dashboard and reporting tool. Our web-based system, MFR Live™, can enable you to be measuring, using and reporting performance information in a matter of hours.

With this performance measurement system and the data it provides, you will be able to:

  • Provide a balanced dashboard of measures for operations
  • Understand – and therefore better maintain and improve – results for your customers
  • Provide powerful information to help you communicate your organization’s success
  • Begin to connect performance with funding decisions and your organization’s Priorities

To find out more about how you can access MR’s “best practice” Performance Measures for your organization, e-mail us at or call us at 865-567-5192.

To find out more about how these Best Practice Performance Measures can be tracked and reported using our web-based MFR Live™ software, click here.