Consultation on Performance Measurement, Please!

Consultation on Performance Measurement, Please!

Are you facing:

  • A desire to do it yourself but need some advice?
  • A Performance Measures effort that is underway but you can’t seem to finish it?
  • A performance measures process that is running into opposition?
  • A change in leadership mid-stride in your initiative?
  • A situation with your consultant that leaves us in a lurch or without a way to finish?

Focus on the right things with your performance measures, and you can change the world. Focus on the wrong things, and your customers may left wondering. Performance measures provide a uniquely powerful tool for leaders and managers to use in maintaining and improving performance; communicating program success; and showing transparency and accountability that is unmatched. 

MR has worked with just about every service that government provides, and our team’s experience as senior government leaders totals more than a century of service – so chances are, we’ve dealt what you’re dealing with, and we can help. If you’re facing a challenge, let us help you create a system of Performance Measures that will help you meet that challenge. 

To find out more about how MR can help you create a customized approach to creating Performance Measures, e-mail us at or call us at 865-567-5192.