Develop Effective, Customer-Focused Performance Measures

Develop Effective, Customer-Focused Performance Measures

Are you facing:

  • A need to better tell your story but lack the right information to do so?
  • A lack of information to measure how well your organization is performing? A lack of the right information to make decisions?
  • One or more departments or programs that are not meeting expectations?
  • Lots of output information but no results measures to answer the ‘so what’ question?

Without a clear, data-rich story, it’s hard to tell your story of challenges and achievements. Without the right information, without timely information, it’s challenging to make the right decision and make it on time.

Using MR’s Family of Measures® approach, thousands of programs in governments across the nation have been able to quickly create performance measures that:

  • Are clear and meaningful to them as well as to their customers
  • Provide a balanced dashboard of measures for their operations
  • Give the tools needed to maintain and improve results for their customers
  • Provide powerful information to help tell their story about their program’s success
  • Can serve as the basis for connecting performance to funding decisions

In facilitated sessions, MR’s Family of Measures® can be created with the involvement of front-line program managers and employees in a brief, interactive session with one of our experienced consultants. Participants leave the session with a fully developed Purpose Statement for their program and a Family of Measures® for their use in their work.

This Purpose Statement and Family of Measures® created in this session bring a high degree of clarity to the organization, helping leaders and employees to clearly identify the services they provide, who their customer is, and the impact that their services have for the customer.

The Family of Measures® provides your organization a consistent, objective tool to assess:

  1. The level of results provided for customers
  2. The productivity of the organization
  3. The customer demand for your services
  4. The use of resources in providing these services and results

These measures provide powerful information that managers can use to measure and improve performance and to communicate the success – and challenges—of the organization.

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To find out more about how your organization’s Performance Measures can be tracked and reported using our web-based MFR Live™ software, click here.