Train Our Team to Develop Performance Measures

Train Our Team to Develop Performance Measures


Are you facing:

  • An urgent need to build the capacity of your staff to develop useful performance measures and information?
  • Performance that you think is not meeting expectations?
  • Inability to measure and manage how well your organization is performing?
  • Decision-making about your organization without performance information to inform those decisions?
  • A need to build your organization’s capability to understand, measure and manage performance?

With the right information, right on time, you can make the right decisions and tell your story in the process.

MR’s performance measures training sessions will build the capacity of employees in your organization to develop Purpose Statements and Performance Measures either through on-site training or remotely, to fit your organization’s needs and budget.  You can choose to either a train the trainers approach or ask us to train managers and staff to develop performance measures.

MR uses training materials that very show clearly, in a step-by-step process, how to develop a purpose statements and performance measures. This same method has been used in nearly a 1000 departments and many thousands of activities and programs at all levels of government.

Using MR’s Family of Measures® approach, thousands of programs in governments across the nation have been able to quickly create performance measures that:

  • Are clear and meaningful to them as well as to their customers
  • Provide a balanced dashboard of measures for their operations
  • Give the tools needed to maintain and improve results for their customers
  • Provide powerful information to help tell their story about their program’s success
  • Can serve as the basis for connecting performance to funding decisions

MR knows that building your organizational capacity is a very powerful investment. That’s why MR provides training in the development of the Family of Measures®.  If you choose a train the trainer approach, selected employees can lead teams of front-line program staff in a brief, interactive session to create a clear, concise Purpose Statement for their program and a Family of Measures®.

This Purpose Statement and Family of Measures® created in this session bring a high degree of clarity to the organization, helping leaders and employees to clearly identify the services they provide, who their customer is, and the impact that their services have for the customer.

The Family of Measures® provides your organization a consistent, objective tool to assess:

  1. The level of results provided for customers
  2. The productivity of the organization
  3. The customer demand for your services
  4. The use of resources in providing these services and results

These measures provide powerful data that managers can use to measure and improve performance and to communicate the success – and challenges—of the organization.

To find out more about how MR can build your internal capacity to create effective Performance Measures for your organization, e-mail us at or call us at 865-567-5192.

To find out more about how your organization’s Performance Measures can be tracked and reported using our web-based MFR Live™ software, click here.