There’s never been a more challenging time to be a public leader. You may be searching for the best way to allocate your limited resources because priorities aren’t clear.  Different parts of your operation may be moving in different directions, or even opposing one another. Citizens want to see clear direction and accountability, and without it you cannot build the credibility needed to make progress.

A Strategic Plan can be a powerful tool to help you align the efforts of your organization and build trust and confidence in your ability to perform. Managing Results (MR) works with governments of all sizes and functions to build Strategic Plans that focus on the Results that matter most to your customers – the people you serve. An MR-facilitated Strategic Plan can also help you make tough budget decisions based on your Priorities and the Results you need to deliver.

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“MFR helps us identify and understand dynamic measures that drive real change. From top to bottom, the planning process helps align the organization, clarifying long-term objectives and the daily results we must achieve to get there.”

John Keisler, Bureau Manager
Animal Care Services
Long Beach, CA