Create Strategic Business Plans for Small Departments

Create Strategic Business Plans for Small Departments

Departments with a few employees often play a critical role and want the same access to Strategic Planning and performance measures as their larger cousins. A Department Strategic Business Plan for a small department is a powerful tool to help you fully participate in the same planning, measurement and budgeting process as all departments. MR has designed an approach for small organizations that builds a Strategic Business Plan quickly and with few demands on limited staff.

Are you facing:

  • Limited time and resources to complete a Strategic Business Plan?
  • A need for performance measures to manage and tell your story?
  • An expectation to participate in the performance based budgeting process?

Regardless of the size of a department, a Strategic Business Plan provides a powerful framework to set your organization’s sights on results for customers that are aligned to the jurisdiction’s goals. A Strategic Business Plan includes robust operational performance measures to help you measure progress and structure performance reports on how you’re doing to deliver those results.

Working with an MR consultant, the leader of a small department can, over the course of one to three days, develop the same elements a full Strategic Business Plan as larger departments including:

  • Clear, concise one sentence Mission Statement
  • Issue Statements of the most important long-term issues and trends facing your customers and your organization
  • Strategic Goals or Results that establish measurable, time specific, customer-focused results written in terms of what customers will experience, e.g. % of building permits issued within x number of days
  • Services that identify the key deliverables your customers receive from the department
  • Programs that are built on groups of services organized around customers and results, that enable the department to measure and manage operational performance, with each Program having a Purpose Statement and a Family of Performance Measures®
  • Lines of Business that are groups of Activities that define large sections of the organization

A performance-based budget can be structured around the Programs identified in the department’s Strategic Business Plan. Budget decisions will be made to support the department and jurisdiction Strategic Results.  Employees can then be aligned to the results you need them to deliver.

Since 1998, MR has successfully developed Strategic Business Plans for more than 1,500 departments and offices.  Since 2009, MR has used this streamlined process for smaller departments, saving time and resources.

To find out more about how MR can help you create Strategic Business Plans for one or all of your smaller departments, e-mail us at, or call us at 865-567-5192.

To find out more about how your organizations’ performance as measured in your Strategic Business Plan can be tracked and reported using our web-based MFR Live™ software, click here.